New England IPA 3/24/19

It’s been a while since I’ve brewed, and it’s been even longer since I’ve brewed a nice hazy fruity NE IPA. With the intention to do this a couple weeks ago, I had picked up some liquid yeast from the home brew store. Omega OYL-200 “Tropical IPA.” I’ve never used Omega yeast before, but the guy at the brew store spoke highly of it, saying it’s much better quality than Wyeast which I would normally go with for this brew. (Normally I do Wyeast “London Ale III” for IPAs). I was kind of tired and didn’t really fully feel like brewing today, but I also didn’t want to let the yeast get any older than it already was. So off I go, a slave to my yeast, brewing today.

Since the last time I’ve brewed my beer recipe calculator site has shutdown as well, which left me without my usual tools for building a recipe. I’ve exported my old recipes as .XML files, but I’ve yet to find a perfect alternative that I can import them into yet. For today, I decided to give another web-based tool a try. It seemed pretty similar, allowing me to adjust ingredient amounts, see the affect on the outcome of the beer, and provide mash volumes/temps etc. It gives a pretty good recipe printout as well.

Another first for the day, I’ll be trying “cryo” hops which through some magic process have double the alpha acid percentage. It’s supposed to reduce trub that eats into beer volume, and be great for potent whirlpool/dry hop late flavor and aroma additions. All kinds of fun surprises at the Essex homebrew store. Who knows, maybe I’ll get these from now on.

Recipe for today is as follows:

Oats 2# 10 Oz

Dry-hopped Mosaic 1 bag of cryo at 5 days, 1 of Eukanot cryo at 3 days, 1 bag of regular Mosaic pellets also at 3.
Whirlpool hops were 2 oz Cryo Citra

Omega OYL-2000 as mentioned above.

Kegged 4/6/19
Smells great. Tastes good, could be a bit stronger. Malt flavor is perfect, can definitely taste the wheat and honey malt coming through well.

Next brew with this recipe I'd like to go for 90 minutes, to bitter more, and add flavor. Maybe more dry hopping.


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