Garden 4/21/19

Today we planted the garden. Perhaps a little soon, but I’m optimistic that we’re done with frost…We shall see.

We did one bed of corn, to try sort of a 3-sisters garden in this year. Basically a companion planting technique where you start with corn, as it grows a bit, add pole beans between the rows, which use the corn as a support as they grow taller, and then add squash, which provides ground cover to choke out weeds. I’ve never tried it before, so we will see how it goes.

We also did a bed of bush beans, savoy spinach, and breakfast radishes. I love to cook with big leaf spinach, and I can hardly ever find it in my regular grocery store, but I’ve never had good luck growing it. Usually I plant later in the season, or indoors. I have heard that spinach will bolt and go to seed if  it has too many hours of light, which seems to be the problem I’ve been having. Hopefully planting early this year while the days are still shorter I’ll have better results.

We still have a couple more spots to plant, but I’m saving those for warmer weather.